Review – Review Shows You Real Life Flying Simulation Review – Watch This Review Video and Click The Link Below To Get The Game Now. My Honest Review: If you searching for the best online flight simulation game then look no further. This Review gives you the best airplane flight simulation game ever created. What is Pro really? Okay before I jump into details, here are some stats that I found pretty impressive; This comes with a fully modelled and realized world, including landmarks and accurate scenery taken from Google Maps which means that the scenery and everything that you see while flying over an area is complexly accurate. You can even see your own home if you fly over it in the game. The same can be said of the weather, which is real time and uses real time weather information to help the game be much more unique and realistic. In other words; if it rains in Florida, it will also rain in-game while you fly over Florida. If you ask me, that’s a pretty unique feature for a flight sim. Another impressive thing is the different kinds of planes that you can choose from… At the time of this writing there are over 120+ airplanes that are available and more planes are added through monthly game updates. Personally, I truly believe that Pro was worth my money because the developers are also constantly adding these FREE updates to make this flight sim even more interesting <b>…</b>

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